Death through Life...

We are two artists, with very different ways of working yet many synergies within our practices. With a combination of research led making, extensive practical skills and experimental curiosity, we are at the beginning of an audacious collaboration. 

A bit about our personal practices...



Ash Alldread

Ash is a fine artist-experimental philosopher. Through existential philosophical ways of thinking, and an experiential process of making, his work is a personal emotional response to psychological trauma and bodily pains. Using a research-led approach, Ash’s artwork manifests itself as sculpture, text works and photography.  

  Holly Rozier

Through exploiting fabrics gendered connotations and using processes of making with historically embedded ties to domestic creation, Holly questions notions of femininity in her practice. Her recent performance pieces allow her to physically act out feminine fantasies, and disrupt expectations around being a woman, through the blurred dichotomy of comfort and discomfort (experienced by the viewer and the artist).  


Drawn together through similarities within our practices and research, we have become partner-artists. Our research led collaboration, Death through Life, explores existing death rituals, loss and grief. Artwork has the power to unite, enlighten and comfort people in difficult times, and so after a period of research and experimental making we aim to culminate our findings into a sculptural outcome. Through transforming intangible feelings such as grief, into a representational tangible sculpture, we hope to open up conversations around our human experiences and connect people who have suffered loss, through a shared emotional response.  

Project so far...

It is hard to explore death without too considering life. Our research project thus far has steered us towards life cycles, with a focus on the growth/decay of plants as a potential material for an ephemeral work. Below are our initial experiments using mud as a drawing/sculpting material, and plants life grown through fabric.

To watch how this project unfolds, please follow us @death_through_life on Instagram and view updates of future exhibitions on this webpage.