National Trusts 'Women and Power' Project at Sudbury Hall


As part of a Artist in Residence position, i have been lucky enough to work alongside the very talented students of Derby College to create work for this years National Trust event. 

'This year Sudbury Hall are working with Derby College to explore and tell the untold stories of the women of Sudbury Hall. In 2018 the National Trust as a whole is commemorating 100 years since the passing of the Representation of the People Act, from the women on the front line as suffragettes right down to simply celebrating the amazing women who have influenced the Trust's amazing places.'

The collection of 'ornamental' objects i have made are plaster casts of soft fabric forms. For many years the artistic talents of women were unappreciated. Although women were expected to be proficient at needlework, and complete craft activities to occupy their many solitary hours, the beautiful pieces crafted were never considered more than superfluous household objects. The artistic processes 'ladies' were permitted to learn where strictly limited and so true self-expression was discouraged. Secretly stored away in a 'hidden box' are representations of the items the women of Sudbury Hall might have made if endorsed, using their traditional needlework skills however they desire. By displaying the pieces in a fine art context, I aim to celebrate the domestic craft skills of women and gain the gratitude they deserved for their creative talents.