"Unheimlich" a site specific solo exhibition at Corridor Gallery by Holly Rozier, 1st June

I am so so excited to announce that I'm doing my first ever solo exhibition! It'll feature my most labour intensive work to date, see the press release below for full details:

To truly understand the sheer excitement and anticipation Corridor Gallery is harbouring for an upcoming site-specific solo show by Holly Rozier it is best to begin with a basic understanding of the exhibition title “Unheimlich”, selected by the Artist.

unheimlich (Adjective)‎:

1. Weird, uncanny.

2. Familiar, yet unfamiliar.

3. Concealed, out of sight.

“Unheimlich” is a slightly perplexing German word with no direct English equivalent, the translation offers three differing meanings which perfectly sum up Textile Artist Holly Rozier and her bizarrely beautiful body of work; an exploration through the mediums of textiles, soft sculpture and installation.

In “Unheimlich” Holly Rozier has developed new work that perfectly embodies and transmits a powerful sense of the uncanny. The uncanny is something outside of one's familiar knowledge or perceptions; the uncanny is familiar, yet incongruous. She described this special site-specific show as: “A range of different scale anthropomorphic forms that look less ‘human’ than ever, dealing with much more undeniably unifying and universally ‘human’ emotions than I have ever explored before.”

Every sculpture is created entirely by Holly’s own hands in a lengthy, physical process which speaks to a visceral visual language. Holly manipulates a range of fabrics to create her work selecting domestic materials from hosiery, stuffing and textile remnants. In a lengthy and complex process these materials are mutated; twisted, formed, shaped, hand-dyed, then delicately finished with intricate embroidery detail and intense beadwork that rivals examples of the refined embellishments from Couture fashion houses.

The choice of materials Holly selects are also linked through their close association with the body, and their transformation from everyday fabrics into these strange soft sculptures seem to capture a special power which simultaneously delights and repulses. Despite the lengthy and complex process involved in transforming these everyday fabrics Holly's finished soft sculptures remain oddly familiar; evoking a sense of internal organs and the unseen elements of the human form. Yet these twisted, embellished forms feel somehow alien.

Holly Rozier developed her unique practice during her Fine Art studies at University of Chichester. Since graduating Holly has continued exploring her practice, completing a yearlong residency at St George’s Ascot School. Her work is regularly exhibited at various Brighton Group Exhibitions and her recent London shows include “Hand Maid” a group show with “We are Sweet ‘Art” and a featured Artist spot as part of the Exhibition at the prestigious “Feminism in London Conference”.

Corridor Gallery is thrilled to work with Holly Rozier at this exciting stage of her career and delighted to share her undeniable talent, uncannily beautiful adept textile manipulation.

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