'Susan' in Covert Corporeality at Art Exchange, Colchester!

'Susan' has come out once more to show her face in the amazing exhibition Covert Corporeality, at the Art Exchange in Colchester! Come along and check it out!!!

"An MA Critical Curating exhibition that brings together works by artists who highlight different representations of the female body.

The artists in (C)overt Corporeality challenge our expectations through their unusual utilisation of materials. By playing with surprising and enticing combinations – dust and photography, neon and wax, textile and video – they propose a fresh outlook on both their artistic practice and the female body as a subject.

Intermediality — the play on the interaction between materials within an artwork — becomes a way of addressing corporeality, unveiling a different perspective of the female bodily experience. This insistence on physicality and how it can convey the particular experience of gender, is what connects the works of Siobhan Ledden, Lyndsay Martin, Lucia Pizzani, Holly Rozier and Liv Thurley.

The artists in this show detach themselves from traditional depictions of the idealised female nude and showcase aspects of the body that are not usually shown or accepted. This process questions the artistic and socio-political implications of those representations, through poetic, ironic and disturbing approaches.

This exhibition is curated by MA students Ariane Fluery, Camille Pignol, Pakakul Pakawan and Laura De Socarraz-Novoa."

#Susan #Walkthrough #HollyRozier #Exhibition #Feminism #Art #ArtExchange #Colchester

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