My MA Begins!! (...and so does my MA Blog)

So here it is, my first blog post on my MA Blog.

I intend to keep this blog through out the two years I will be on my part time MA Art and Design (Studio Practice) course at Loughborough University, and I will be doing weekly posts on what I get up to... which will hopefully be lots of exciting stuff!!

In brief, on my MA I intend to continue to work with the textiles soft sculptural processes I have been using and also begin to include metal in my work. By introducing metal in different ratios which will be working with the fabrics in different ways, I hope to explore what the use of hard and soft contrast in the work will begin to say. In particular I will be looking how gender associated connotations that we have with these materials will influence how we look at the work. I am interested in how the relationship between the materials will begin to comment on the relationships between sexes and how the viewer defines an artwork as feminine or masculine. This feels like quite a broad topic and so I am excited about where my ideas will go and how they will develop over the coming weeks!!

(Here are just some scribbly pages from my sketchbook where i am trying to make sense of my ideas...)

#MA #Sketches #Ideas #Sketchbookpages #Artist

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