MA Blog (Oct)

This week I began my MA Art and Design (Studio Practice) Course at Loughborough University... and excited was an understatement!

We began by giving a presentation about our work we have done in the past, and what we intend to do during our time on the course... and it was at this exact moment I started to get a feeling of the level we where expected to be thinking about out ideas, analysing why we make our work and contextualising where are artwork fits within the world.

This course is going to be hard...but I'm always up for a challenge so bring it on!

I realised that I had been thinking primarily practical based (and to be honest was dying to get into the workshops), and so I had to narrow down my concept!

So to the library it was!! Just a light bit of reading to get me ready for next week...

#HollyRozier #Art #MA #Books #Reading #StudioSpace

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