MA Blog (Oct)

This week has been all about the Workshops and Hubs.

We got to have a little look round all of the facilities to get our creative juices flowing and to help us decide where we will be pitching up for the year. I found it really hard to not just want to have a go at everything, I have been slightly like a kid in a sweet shop... there are so many amazing things I want to have a go at.

I think for the purpose of my project though I will be based in the fine metal workshop... and hopefully as I get more confident I'll be able to play with the big toys in the heavy metal workshop that I had a sneaky look in the other day!

I have properly started bouncing ideas around this week about what sort of materials I could begin to have a go with, and so I have been doing a spot of sketching to get my ideas out my head and onto paper. Here's just a few sketchbook pages of what I have been thinking about. I am still very much sticking with my initial ideas around masculine and feminine materials (in this case fabric and metals) and how I can bring these two together into a relationship and how they will read.

#MA #HollyRozier #Art #Sketches #Ideas

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