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So after being allocated our 'Hubs' last week, i wasted no time in getting into the fine metal workshop.

This is where i will begin to learn basic skills in shaping, manipulating and working with metals, and the plan is then to move into the larger scale heavy metal workshop when i have the basics nailed!

I joined a introductory workshop where we began to have a go with some of the tools and try out some very basic techniques in marking and colouring the surface of copper, and i then began to have a play with some scrap thin aluminium to see what effects i could get with it.

I really enjoyed some of the textures i began to get when shaping the metal over the small round formers, and by building them up i feel it started to look quite organic like some sort of mould, and also was slightly reminiscent of the beading i have been previously using.

So what if i started to include metal inside the sculpture, as the innards, as well as around the outer skins?

Here is where i began to play with this idea in a simple form, just using some scrap fabric against the metals to enable me to see what looks could be achieved...

I'm very excited by the results and even on this basic level i can see where i could take these materials next!

#Metal #Tights #Samples #Experimentation #MA #Workshop

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