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So as part of the Contextualising Practice module we have been asked to design a T-shirt.

This is to get us thinking about interdisciplinary work, and how everything can feed into... everything!

Our challenge was to think about the research we have done so far for our written work and explain that within one T-shirt design.

We are half way through the challenge and i have chose to work with a quote i found in 'a book, Old Mistress' , i have been reading, that i think completely sums up what i have been researching.

'It is as scandalous for a woman not to know how to use a needle as for a man not to know how to use a sword.' -Lady Mary Wortley Montague (1753)

Here are some samples i have been playing around with that could be scanned in to make a T-shirt design.

#Metal #Samples #Experimentation #Ideas #Tshirt #MA

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