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I have started to develop the samples that I did for the T-Shirt project into something that I could use in a 3D form. There was something about the way in which the soft thread was weaving its way through the hard metal that I felt I could push further. I have started to drill tiny holes into metal so that I can sew through it with threads and wool to give the illusion that I have sewn through it with a needle. I like the idea that for a split second you begin to question the strength and abilities of the soft thread. Is it strong enough to have pushed its way through the solid metal?

I also have experimented with sewing over welds. I really like the scar like appearance that welding two bits of metal together has, and I decided to push this 'scar' idea further by sewing over them almost like wounds that had been surgically sewn up. Could the metal become skin? Skin is fragile, easily damaged and has no form without bones ect, whereas metal is solid and used to construct structures. Could I play with these qualities to questions the vulnerability of the body?

Whilst welding I also liked the moments when the metal got to hot and melted straight though to form natural holes. I have began to use those to thread soft ribbons and wools through to see what effects I could get through this...

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