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'An object that gives in is actually stronger than one which resists, for which reason it also permits the opportunity to be oneself in a new way' - Max Kozloff 'The Poetics of Softness'

I have consolidated some of my most successful experiments done so far in practical form in these new pieces.

I have used metals mixed with the welding, stitching and beading, and also in most cases left the metal on in order to create more of a contrast between the hard and soft elements. Some of the pieces i feel worked better than others, and in some cases it was actually the more simple ones that worked best. For example my favourite sample is the one with the single beaded band of metal mesh. I feel this really blurs the line between masculine and feminine as an object, and the subtle rust against the slightly decorative beading is enough to begin to hint at the play between aesthetic binarys of attractive and ugly. I also enjoy the colour this piece has turned out. The soft grey colour of the plaster surface begins to make it look like stone, which again plays with the hard soft contrast. Some of this I will definitely be taking forward.

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