MA Blog (March)

After a little evaluation of what i have been doing so far on the MA, i started to realise that something was missing in what i have been doing. I went right back to the beginning, to my first sketchbook and tried to pinpoint what it was that was lacking. I realised that when i started my work was going to focus on the idea of the relationship between elements/material ect. The relationship between two 'things', and so i have started to bring that back. I am interested in the fine line between things/states/situations. For example when looking at positions to be in, theres a fine line between being wrapped up for comfort and being suffocated. Or being lovingly embraced or aggressively wrestled. Or supported or restricted. Love... hate... That fine line between everything is what im wanting to explore through the relationship between two 'things'.

I have started to have a play here in a very basic way to be able visualize how two elements may come together...

#Hard #Soft #Plaster #Experimentation #Samples

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