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After a very useful chat with my project supervisor i have begun to see my experimental pieces in a new light. She suggested that although experimentation is great (and can go on forevveerrrr...), i have to start selecting pieces that could potentially be more than experiments and more of final pieces. To which i was like 'Nooo... none of these are final pieces, im just playing'. However, after taking her advice and practicing different display methods, i began to see how that work was quite strong when put in that position. See pics below for display possibilities...

( I also have decided because of this to put some work in the full time MA students end of year show, as a kind of interim showcase of my work. The show will be on 22nd/23rd September at Loughborough University. Keep an eye out on blog for details)

#Fossils #Experimentation #Display #Hard #Soft

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