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I am rapidly falling in love with ceramics. Heres some initial experimental pieces i have been doing, using oxides, engobes and transparent glazes on slip casts. I love the way the dark tones of the oxides and the bright little pops of colour given by the engobes work alongside each other. These pieces are a lot darker in colour than the plaster pieces i have been doing and much rougher in form and texture, however i feel the fossil like quality works well in clay. Although these forms no longer look soft, sections of the surfaces still have textures of fabric and stitch which i feel works well to confuse the soft/hard quality. The main thing i am enjoying about slip casting though is the saggy that happens to the clay, and also the 'imperfections'. I feel these often make the pieces more interesting, and although the casting process is similar to what i have been doing with the plaster in a lot of ways, the end result couldn't be more different.

Also i have included a few images of some paper casts i have been trying out to, using handmade paper. I really like the result of these so far and will be pushing this further...

#Fossils #Hard #Soft #Ceramics

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