MA Blog (Feb)

Just a few of my favourite bits so far.

I'm having bit of a re-think about my work and might change things up bit but i do think these elements have certain things about them that i might continue with.

I really like the drawing and sculpture mix. The combination of controlled sculpted forms and loose expressive drawn lines works well together i think.

The idea of elements balancing gives a sense of tension i am interested in.

The combination of crochet and wax, especially when the crochet is used as a sort of connection between wax elements i am quite enjoying.

The use of white i am still really liking. Especially where elements are almost disappearing into the background, and objects feel as though they are there but not quite...ethereal quality.

I will consider all these things when iv finished thinking and move forward.

#Installation #Evaluation #Hard #Soft #Drawing

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