MA Blog (June)

Highlights from last nights performance.

It went really well, and after I got over my initial nerves I really started to enjoy performing.

It didn't really feel like performing, more like just making with an audience.

Or like i was a moving sculpture.

Making has always been something I have done in private and so its interesting to have that part of the process watched. (The making becomes the 'finished' work).

Things that were unexpected/need to think about:

People where much more up for getting involved than i thought they would be. Could participatory elements become a bigger focus of the work?

People wanted to help me cut, and help me sort out the flowers.

On the other hand there was this tension, as a few people kept asking what i would you do if they pushed all the sorted flowers onto the floor. I liked this though, the unpredictability of what may happen keeps people and myself engaged.

When it got to the sorting stage, people invited themselves into the space and began to cut the pieces i had been making. I allowed this happen to see what came from it. As i was sorting flowers on a separate table, people started to naturally bring the flowers they had cut to me, for me to sort out. They were not told to do that, it just happened. I really liked this, and its something i will think about more in the future.

Talking to the audience: initially i was going to avoid it, but i soon realised people wanted to know more. So for this one i chose to interact with the audience, however next time i think i will do it in silence just to see the difference. Cant wait to do it again!

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