MA Blog (Final Post!!)

So this is it, my final MA Blog post.

What an amazing couple of years this has been, and I can't believe it's nearly over. Reflecting on the work I have done over the two years, I can't believe how much my practice has changed.

I started the MA wanting to question in depth what my practice is all about, why I work the way I do, and free myself out of a certain way of working I had found myself stuck in. I feel like I have done all these things and more. I am leaving the MA with a greater understanding of why I have always been drawn to certain processes, and why I don't seem to ever be able to fully let go of fabric in my artwork.

I have also questioned my discomfort around often being considered a feminist artist, and after an initial period of fighting against it, through in-depth research around feminist art history and what it means to be a feminist artist in present day, I have allowed my work to organically move in that direction. More importantly to me though, I have regained the playfulness in my work. I feel confident in exploring new ideas and experimenting with any materials without worrying that it is very different to how i would 'normally work'.

I supposed I have fully realised that this is my practice and I am completely free to do what i like with it!

One of the comments that has stuck in my head throughout the course is one made by a tutor in the first week. She said, "how can you say your a soft sculptor? You don't know what you will be doing when you leave this course". To which I can remember secretly thinking, "well I know I will be making soft sculpture, no doubt about it". Its like even though I had come onto the course to push my practice in new directions and take risks, i didn't want them to be too risky. It was only when I was banned from using 'soft' and 'red', my two favourite things, that i saw a definite change in my work.

Now look at my work! How wrong was I... my work has definitely changed, and is no longer soft sculpture! If someone had said 2 years ago you will be doing performance art by the time you leave, I would have laughed and said that's the one thing I will never do... And it's happened! I am really excited about the direction my work is moving in now, and I feel like I am right at the start of a project that could open up opportunities for me, and allow me to work in ways I never thought I would. The performance element, although a little scary and completely out of my comfort zone, I cant wait to see how far I can push myself with it. Doing the MA was one the best decision I have made and I cant wait to see what happens next.

In terms of this blog... thats it! Its done!

But keep an eye on this blog page for any upcoming exhibitions... il keep you posted!

#MA #FinalPost #Reflection #Experimentation

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