Private challenges emotionally motivate my creative production, with the process of making becoming a means of catharsis.  I channel troubles, anxieties, passions and thoughts into my work, where it is embedded in the fabric of my pieces. My hope is that the viewer not only sees the work, but 'feel’s’ it.


My practice has always harmonized Fine Art and Craft through sculpture. Through exploiting fabrics gendered connotations, I use processes with historically embedded ties to domestic creation. The blurred dichotomy between comfort and discomfort (experienced by the viewer and myself) has been a continuous thread running through my practice. For me, making is a way of questioning notions of femininity, and disrupting certain expectations around being a woman.

Women’s embroidery, once known as ‘flowering’, was the starting point of my current work. I ‘deflower’ floral fabric, deconstructing the beauty of the material, rather than constructing beauty through the addition of embroidery. I work at the same conscientious pace as sewing, but methodically snipping instead of stitching.  The meticulous process travels through the pleasurable stages of a repetitive act, as it transforms into a painful obligation; swaying between mindless and mindful creation.